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Identity Theft is Real
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Identity Pro turns the idea of privacy protection on its head, offering an innovative approach that protects your confidential information in ways that other antivirus/antispam applications haven’t even dreamed about.

You may not realize just how much of your personal information is stored on your computer.  Think about it – every time you make an online purchase using a credit card, use your driver’s license number to renew your car registration online, pull your credit report using your social security number, or even just use a username and password to log into a site, that information is stored somewhere on your hard drive.  You may not know exactly where, but trust me, it’s there.

With Identity Pro, one click will begin a scan of your system, revealing all of your sensitive data that’s stored on your computer – you’ll be shocked and amazed at the sheer amount of identifying information that Identity Pro uncovers!  Think about how many times you’ve entered your name, address, and telephone number into an online form – unless you use Identity Pro to erase it, that info is still there!

Identify Pro gives you a choice about how you want to handle your sensitive data.  For information that you just don’t feel comfortable leaving on your computer, you can tell Identity Pro to remove it completely.  For other data, you can choose to leave it on your computer, but have Identity Pro encrypt it so that it becomes utterly useless to anyone snooping for information!

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